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Meet BYB Grant Winner, Callie Early

Callie Early

Hi, I’m Callie Early and my business is Ace Decluttering & Organising, I specialise in transforming cluttered spaces into serene environments.

If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by clutter, then I’m here to help you feel ace about your space! 

I offer local clients face to face Decluttering & Organising sessions in their homes and workspaces (half or full day), this is a hands-on approach where we declutter, categorise and organise the area of your choice. An alternative service is a Consultation, this is a shorter session where I give guidance on how to tackle the clutter yourself and how to create processes to keep the clutter to a minimum in the future.  Virtual Consultations and Decluttering & Organising sessions are available for added convenience and privacy, and can be tailored to suit your needs.  

Why declutter? The benefits are of decluttering and organising extend far beyond mere tidiness. By gaining clarity on where everything belongs, you'll save valuable time, energy, and money that would otherwise be wasted on searching for misplaced items or purchasing unnecessary replacements. Moreover, the mental clarity achieved through a clutter-free environment also promotes a sense of harmony and calm. My clients often report feeling lighter after just one of our decluttering sessions.

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My journey into becoming a Professional Declutterer & Organiser began after a friend asked me to help rearrange her kitchen cupboards. Whilst I sorted her kitchen I was careful to take into consideration her needs (she is visually impaired and has a young child). This involved making some simple changes such as moving heavy plates from a high cupboard to a lower one (making it safer for the child) and moving mugs above the kettle to reduce movement around the kitchen. We also put smaller items into boxes or baskets so they could be taken out of the cupboard and items could be found more easily. All simple changes, but together they save her time, energy, and as well as making the kitchen safer for her and her child. Throughout the process, my friend couldn’t believe how much I looked like I was enjoying myself and asked why wasn’t I doing this as a career. Through research, I discovered the Association for Professional Declutters and Organisers (APDO), and I have built my business from there.  

I am grateful for the support I received from BIPC Northamptonshire. I attended the ‘Write a Winning Grant Application’ and the ‘How to write an effective business plan’ workshops as part of the Build Your Business programme. Attending these workshops helped me navigate the complexities of grant applications and business planning. I went on to have. a highly beneficial 1-2-1 with James, a member of the BIPC team and followed his advice to explore our libraries databases. The overall result was I successfully secured essential funding through the BIPC Start-up grant and am currently working alongside a marketing company to improve my social media and overall online presence, which is something I’ve struggled to do alone. 

I continue to attend BIPC online workshops to assist me in building my business, I recently attended workshops on ‘Creating a Thumb Stopping Marketing Plan’ and ‘Accelerating Growth with Digital Marketing’ and continue to be amazed at how much information can be delivered in such a short time.  

As Ace Decluttering & Organising continues to evolve, my focus remains on empowering individuals to live clutter-free lives and create environments that inspire harmony and productivity. Alongside our core services, I am dedicated to expanding our reach through the introduction of virtual sessions, workshops, and online training courses. 

I offer a free 30 minute consultation call, so if you’d like to declutter and unlock your space’s full potential, contact Ace Decluttering & Organising and take the first step towards feeling ace about your space. 


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