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Serengeti Spirits, Alex Wright

Meet small business grant winner, Alex Wright from Serengeti Spirits.

Serengeti Spirits are a brand of craft produced alcoholic spirits based on animals of the Serengeti, with flavour profiles, linked to the tropical fruits of Tanzania and the paradise island of Zanzibar.

The company's signature range will cover the big animals of the Serengeti, produced from many spirit categories, such as Gin, rum and tequila. Its Hakuna matata gin offerings and Kilimanjaro flavoured rum products, will also complement its extensive selection.

Serengeti Spirits will enable you to unwind and picture yourself on a safari across the savanna or on the ice-cold top of Kilimanjaro, known as the mountain of greatness.

After a wave of enquiries and over 150 applications, the Business & IP Centre Northamptonshire team shortlisted 34 aspiring entrepreneurs, who were invited to give a presentation on their new start-up to a panel of judges in a Dragon’s Den style elevator pitch as part of the Reset. Restart Small Business Grants programme. Serengeti Spirits was one of our 19 winners.

Visit Serengeti Spirits:

To learn more about our small business grant winners, click here!

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