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Transforming Leadership with a Personal Touch: My Journey With Attain Coaching

Cate Gregory

Guest blog by Cate Gregory, owner and founder of Attain Coaching.

Cate is a guest speaker at our upcoming business networking session at the Vulcan Works, providing an insight into her business growth journey, and offering guidance reflecting back on the things she wishes she had known as a new business owner.

In 2019, amidst a successful career as a senior marketer for an international construction group, I established Attain Coaching. What began as a venture parallel to my "proper" job quickly blossomed into my main passion and profession. By 2021, the call to nurture and grow Attain Coaching full-time became undeniable. Since making that leap, the business has flourished, evolving into a dynamic entity offering an array of services, including leadership training, development, team coaching, and personalised one-on-one sessions. 


A Story of Impact 

One of our most rewarding experiences at Attain Coaching involved a family business transitioning to a new senior leadership team. This team, new to their roles and the concept of shared leadership, faced the daunting task of defining their collective purpose, values, and operational ethos. Our intervention, centred around fostering mutual understanding and goal alignment, was a testament to the transformative power of personalised coaching. Witnessing this team evolve, set, and achieve ambitious goals together reminded me why I embarked on this coaching journey. 


The DISC Difference 

At Attain Coaching, we integrate DISC assessments across our coaching spectrum, from one-on-one sessions to comprehensive team workshops. Our unique DISC days are designed to recognise dominant behavioural types and foster a deeper understanding of how these preferences influence communication and collaboration.  


This focus on practical application ensures that our coaching interventions have an immediate and lasting impact, enhancing our client’s ability to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics. 


Why DISC? 

Its accessibility and scientific rigour drove my choice to specialise in DISC. It's more than an assessment tool; it's a language that teams can use to deepen their understanding of one another, improving communication and overall team cohesion and efficiency. This has set Attain Coaching apart, allowing us to deliver memorable, impactful workshops that resonate personally and professionally. 


Tailored Coaching for Diverse Needs 

Drawing from my extensive background across various industries, I ensure that our coaching solutions are as unique as the teams and leaders we work with. This personalised approach is particularly effective for "accidental leaders," those who excel technically but may find the people aspect of leadership challenging. Our coaching empowers these leaders to harness their inherent strengths, fostering a culture of leadership that values empathy, curiosity, and strategic collaboration. 


Feedback That Fuels Passion 

The feedback I've received reaffirms my commitment to this work. Described as a catalyst for unlocking potential, my coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that everyone possesses the keys to their own success. It's my role to guide, challenge, and support them on their journey to excellence. 


Looking Ahead 

Our vision for Attain Coaching includes expanding our support for senior leadership teams, integrating environmental design principles to foster optimal working conditions, and promoting a coaching mindset across organisational levels. We aim to democratise access to high-quality development opportunities, enabling every leader and team we work with to attain their goals. 


Based in Northamptonshire but extending our reach across the UK and Europe, Attain Coaching is more than a coaching provider; it is a catalyst for transformation. Our services span executive, leadership, and team coaching alongside innovative leadership training and development workshops that cover critical skills such as empowerment, confidence, resilience, personal efficiency, and time management. We are dedicated to enhancing employee engagement through anonymous surveys, forums, and in-depth interviews, providing actionable insights to leadership teams.  


Furthermore, our commitment to fostering a coaching culture within organisations is unwavering, offering comprehensive training for managers and ensuring that the conditions for a thriving coaching culture are in place. 


The journey of Attain Coaching, underscored by the strategic use of a grant from the Business & IP Centre Northamptonshire and a commitment to DISC training, exemplifies the transformative potential of tailored, empathetic leadership coaching. As we continue to grow and evolve, our mission remains steadfast: to empower leaders and teams to navigate the complexities of modern business with confidence, empathy, and strategic insight. Together, we're not just reaching goals but redefining what's possible. 


Cate Gregory 

Tel: 07485 415369 


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