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The British Library Reset. Restart Programme is Back

The Business and IP Centre London's programme of free webinars and support sessions is back, designed to help businesses overcome obstacles and thrive in the current climate. The programme has been updated so that business owners can continue to benefit from trusted advice and support, wherever they are. Reset. Restart began during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with the aim to support small businesses to adapt and weather the storm. Even though the set of challenges business owners are facing today have changed, that help is just as necessary now as it was then. Hear how it helped previous participants including our very own Northamptonshire entrepreneurs - Kim Hughes from Goldings Communications and Matthew Abraham from FormFive Group Ltd.

Further information on the Reset. Restart programme can be found on the British Library's Business and IP Centre website: View here.

Visit Goldings Communications website:

Visit FormFive Group Ltd website:


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