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Business Owners Personal Development - Build Your Business Module 5

Running a business can be all consuming. So much so that it can lead to self-sabotage. We can become so obsessed with our product, sales and bottom line that we forget to look after the primary cog in the operation – ourselves.

This is where Personal Development plays a role.

Our Build Your Business programme is designed to support you to make your business a success.

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As an employer you have a responsibility to ensure that your employees have the right skills to complete the jobs they are tasked with doing as well as having a duty of care. This also includes yourself, and in most situations that is down to ourselves too.

This final module of our UKSP funded Build Your Business Programme examines how we can help ourselves to have the right skills to do our jobs and how to maintain a healthy mindset.

The first of the two parts that make up the module looks at managing yourself. How can we make sure we prioritise the right things? After all in most cases people who start businesses have to be a ‘jack-of-all trades’. Some of the areas we will discuss are:

- When and which tasks should we choose to get someone else to do?

- In amongst all the details, how do we keep hold of our objectives?

- What should we do about self-doubt?

- How do we avoid becoming the victim of ‘all work and no play’?

The Managing Yourself webinar helps us understand why each of these questions is so important to maximise our chances of success. It also examines ways to avoid pitfalls and take advantage of the possibilities.

Leadership Skills is the subject of the second webinar in this final module in the Build Your Business programme on Personal Development. Leadership Skills will look at the more practical aspects of personal development.

The importance of understanding our own ways of working and the differences that others might have. Learning how our way is not the only way is critical to successful delegation and innovation. Being aware that errors, mistakes and crises will occur and being prepared with progressive ways of responding to them.

Finally, we'll discuss the benefits of developing a functioning network of contacts to support you in delivering on your business promise, and how to get advice as you progress on your journey and potentially as referrers of new business.

Headshot of Rob Harrison, Consultancy Partner at Glued
Rob Harrison, Glued Limited.

Blog by Rob Harrison, Glued.

Alongside the BIPC Northamptonshire team, Rob Harrison will be delivering the Build Your Business programme Module Five on Personal Development and working with attendees on a 1:1 basis.

Find out more about Glued here: Glued marketing.

More information about the BIPC Northamptonshire’s Build Your Business programme can be found here: Build Your Business | BIPC Northants, and you can register to join the Webinars via Events, Webinars & Workshops in Northamptonshire for Business.


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