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Meet Our Kick Start Delivery Partner & Sales Expert- Julie Futcher

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

We are continuing to celebrate and introduce you all to our expert Kick Start delivery partners. All of our partners have been selected for their in-depth experience and knowledge in their field of expertise and we are delighted to introduce you to Julie Futcher, The Sales Ace. Julie is our sales expert who specialises in working with new business owners to help improve their understanding and success in sales.

Here's Julie's giving an insight into her background in sales and the information available through her webinars and workshops.

"I started my sales career 27 years ago and most of this has predominately been within the recruitment industry. During my time within recruitment, whatever level I worked at, I was always a "jobbing" salesperson and still am today. If you follow my LinkedIn and Facebook pages, you will see that I undertake a telemarketing campaign for one of my clients on a Thursday and I'm always sharing hints and tips to make your calls more successful. I started my sales training and consultancy career 7 years ago with the formation of The Sales Manager and more recently have rebranded to become The Sales Ace. I wanted to provide training that would help everyone, from people who are new to sales, to experienced salespeople who want a skills brush up.

My years of experience within sales and the fact that I am still very "hands-on", helps me to provide relevant and up-to-date training, my mantra is "I'm a salesperson first and a trainer second."

Find out more by visiting The Sales Ace website

Follow The Sales Ace on LinkedIn here

Follow The Sales Ace on Facebook here

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