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Launching Financial Planning - Build Your Business Module 4

Growing businesses have two crucial financial characteristics:

• You usually need to spend money on something so that money arrives in the future

• To survive you will need to have more money coming in than going out.

While media headlines often focus on the consequences of financial failure, we can help you plan for success, and examine how your business will survive, and consider the financial implications of growing – because growth does not just mean counting the profit.

Two business owners planning their finances

This Financial Planning module features two, two-hour webinars which will enable you to consider the key elements of managing the financial position of your business so that you can both survive and be able to invest (spend!) so that your business grows.

Financial Planning for New Businesses will look at the essential tools to help you get started, especially focusing on budgets and that all-important cash flow. We will also look at the basics of keeping financial records so you can plan to succeed, not just see what happens when you get going.

Financial Planning for Growing SMEs will look at how you handle the financial implications of growth, what to consider, and how to manage your business as it grows. The budgets and cash flow will still be important: but how do you decide what to spend or invest?

While each webinar is aimed at businesses at slightly different stages, together they offer ideas you can apply to help you withstand the financial pressures which can arise whether just starting or getting bigger.

Yes, there may be some figures, but we will also look at the essential financial terminology to help you understand what your figures mean for your business.

We hope to see you there!

Headshot of Phil Ingle
Phil Ingle of Glued Limited

Blog by Phil Ingle, Training Consultant, Glued Limited.

Phil will be delivering the Business Growth Strategy Module Four Programme of Webinars, Workshops, and business support, alongside the team at BIPC Northamptonshire.

More information about the BIPC Northamptonshire’s Build Your Business programme can be found here: Build Your Business | BIPC Northants, and you can register to join the Webinars via Events, Webinars & Workshops in Northamptonshire for Business.


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