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An update from last year’s grant winner - Village Green Blossoms

Lucy Broster, Owner of Village Green Blossoms
Lucy Broster, Owner of Village Green Blossoms

A lot has changed for me this last year, when I was applying for and awarded the BIPC Northants Kick Start Small Business Grant I was a studio florist working from my garage at home. I can't quite believe how different things are. I now have a studio and shop at Glendon Lodge Farm in Kettering, it's a wonderful space and a great location surrounded by other independent businesses.

Village Green Blossoms is steadily growing and orders are much more frequent. I enjoy every day of work; having my own perfect space to work in, and I enjoy stocking gifts and cards by other local businesses both in my shop and on my website. I'm open every day during the week, and regularly here at the weekend too working on event florals, or just catching up on admin from the busy week.

When I was awarded the grant, it helped me buy some vital equipment, purchase insurance, and pay for improvements to my website. The grant money also helped me increase my stock of small gift items. I still reach out to BIPC Northants with questions, everyone is friendly and extremely knowledgeable. For the grant application creating my business plan was a little daunting as it was something I had never done before but it taught me vital skills I still use today.

I'm extremely grateful that I discovered the BIPC, and was able to make use of what I learned from the courses I have attended. I hope to continue working with their guidance when needed and plan to attend a 2024 networking event in the next couple of weeks. I look forward to hearing the insights into the new year and I absolutely cannot wait to see what the next year in business brings!

Visit our grant winner Lucy Broster's Village Green Blossoms company website:


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