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What is Imposter Syndrome and How To Overcome It

You might have an idea, you might have undertaken your market research, you might have even decided in your head what you are going to spend your profits on… but is there still something holding your business back, and is it simply your mindset?

Imposter syndrome is very common in new entrepreneurs.

One of the first mistakes new business owners tend to make is to think that there is something “special” about those they are aspiring to become - who already run their own business. Despite the perception given by TV shows and news articles, this is not the case. There is nothing to aspire to; everyone is running their own race.

In its simplest form business is just about people doing things.

There may be some ‘things’ which you will need to learn to make the most of your new venture, but this will have been the case for all entrepreneurs. Learning as a business owner will be a constant, and the BIPC Northamptonshire are here to provide that support throughout your business journey.

Never forget that seeking support from others is not a failure. The misconception that every business owner should be well rounded and an expert in all areas of business is harmful. The BIPC Northamptonshire’s 1-2-1 advice sessions are just the first step for many to help bridge a gap in knowledge and help prioritise areas for personal development. This type of conversation may also help you decide that there are some tasks you aren’t able to do yourself…. And that is okay too!

James Elliott, BIPC Northamptonshire Information Specialist, hosting a 1-2-1 advice session.

Many feel pressure to ‘do it all themselves’ because it is ‘their business', but ask yourself – do you think Elon Musk files his own VAT return? Or does he have a team of highly skilled accountants?

Former England goalkeeper Joe Hart has openly spoken about the fact he has a marketing team to support his personal brand and look after his social media accounts. A lack of Twitter skills does not stop Joe from playing football.

One way to help overcome the idea that you are too small a fish in such a vast ocean is to go out and speak to some other fishes.

Speaking with others in the same position as yourself will help you gain confidence and show you that no one is an expert in everything. Everyone will have their own strengths and weaknesses. You will likely find that many will be either currently facing the same barriers as you or will have done so previously. Take inspiration from both.

Building new personal and business networks can help you learn from one another. It may be that your skillset is exactly what someone else is craving - and is worrying about lacking. There are many platforms where you can go out and meet others in the business community both online and face to face.

The BIPC Northamptonshire run regular workshops and webinars to support business owners, as well as those thinking of taking their first steps. They are also a great way to start building a supportive business network of likeminded individuals. Visit our events page to view the full list of upcoming events.

You can find out more about all of our services here.


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