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Walk and Talk at Abington Park for Women's Wellbeing

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Studies show that being out in nature and walking makes you feel good! It can have a powerful impact on your mood.

Circumstances can mean that it’s not always straightforward to get out there and do it on your own, so a fortnightly walk and talk aimed at women to support wellbeing has been launched by Salma Shah and Saints Coffee.

It’s the perfect way to make sure you get outdoors, so why not take a bit of time for yourself to meet others. There will even be some granola pots from Salma Shah, as well as freshly brewed coffee from BIPC Northamptonshire Reset. Restart Small Business Grant Winner, Saints Coffee.

The walking group are upping their sustainability game this time though, so please bring your own reusable cup and a spoon! They'll have some spares but the less throwaways the better!

There are so many benefits from getting outdoors, but the best one is that it can help you feel relaxed and happier. The next meeting is Sunday 20th June, 11am at the bandstand, Abington Park.


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