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Meet our new Project Officer- Becky Thomas

Rebecca Thomas smiling with her pet dog
Rebecca Thomas, BIPC Northants Project Officer

Blog by Becky Thomas, Project Officer at BIPC Northamptonshire.

As I step into my Project Officer role within a team dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, startups, and inventors, I wanted to share a personal journey that intertwines with the challenges faced by many women in the workplace, especially those returning from maternity leave. This journey is one of resilience and transformation, reflecting the shared quest to balance personal and professional life. 

In the summer of 2014, I graduated from the University of Liverpool with a 2.1 in Economic and Social History and started a summer temp job as a data entry clerk where I went on to establish a career in marketing.  

Fast forward to 2022, I embarked on a new journey: parenthood. After a fulfilling year on maternity leave, I anticipated returning to the role I had carved out over the previous nine years. However, what awaited me at my return-to-work meeting was not the familiar, but the unexpected onset of redundancy consultations. 

Unfortunately, my circumstance is not unique. Startling statistics from the charity Pregnant Then Screwed reveal that 54,000 women each year lose their jobs whilst pregnant. Moreover, a staggering 390,000 working mums face negative and potentially discriminatory treatment at work annually. 

Redundancy knocked my confidence and impacted my mental health. Being out of work for a year, I was overwhelmed with the uncertainty of finding a new job, coupled with the responsibility of supporting my growing family. 

Then, I discovered and applied for the role at the BIPC Northamptonshire. As I shared my excitement about the role and its free service offering with everyone I knew, I realised the profound impact it could have on others facing similar challenges post-maternity leave. 

At the BIPC Northamptonshire, we offer free entrepreneurial support that can be particularly transformative for women facing redundancy. Entrepreneurship provides a flexible and empowering option, allowing individuals to take control of their professional career. 

As part of our Build Your Business programme of support funded by the UK Government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund, we offer a range of free business support services, including Webinars & Workshops, mentoring, and the opportunity to apply for a small business grant.

If you would like to find out more about our Build Your Business programme please visit: Build Your Business.

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