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Successful launch event for Build Your Business at Kettering Library

We officially marked the launch of Build Your Business (BYB), our business support programme aimed at small businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone thinking of starting their own business.

We were joined at Kettering Library by local business owners, who have benefitted from our previous business support programme, alongside our Build Your Business partners and associates.

Bazena Rabkevich speaking at the launch event

Our guest speakers included Cllr David Brackenbury from North Northamptonshire Council and Bazena Rabkevich of RNS Auto Group.

Bazena had this to say:

Headshot of Bazena Rabkevich
Bazena Rabkevich, RNS Auto Group

"We are happy to be supporting the Build Your Business programme. As a small business, we understand the importance of having business support, especially during the early stages. I have found it extremely helpful to have a 1:1 and discuss my ideas and plans, as well as take advice on how to write a business plan.

BIPC Northamptonshire has been an important part of our journey with RNS Auto Group, as their guidance has helped me understand business strategies, finance, and marketing.

I also had access to market research and industry reports, which I found very helpful to understand the market I am trading in. BIPC Northamptonshire has truly played a key role in our business, and we are very thankful for their dedication to helping local businesses like mine thrive."

More information about the BIPC Northamptonshire’s Build Your Business programme can be found here: Build Your Business, and you can register to join our free webinars and Workshops here: Events, Webinars & Workshops in Northamptonshire for Business.


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