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Meet our Kick Start Delivery Partner & Branding Expert- Trudie Avery

We want to celebrate and introduce you all to our expert Kick Start delivery partners. All of our partners have been selected for their in-depth experience and knowledge in their field of expertise and we are delighted to introduce you to Trudie Avery. Trudie is our branding expert who helps start-ups and small businesses stand out from the crowd.

As a speaker, Trudie has copious amounts of energy, is enthusiastic and passionate, and engages audiences from her first word, so come along and learn all about branding in one of her Branding Masterclasses. Trudie's next webinar session on Branding for Start-Ups is on Tuesday 5th July. You can book your place here.

Here's Trudie giving a taste of the information available through her Branding Masterclass Webinars.

Trudie's Career

Working in design and branding for over 25 years, Trudie worked in agency roles and as a freelancer before starting a digital marketing agency in partnership with two other directors in 2005. The business was a success and grew, but Trudie felt lost. She was no longer doing the creative work she loved and felt like her soul was ebbing away.

She took the brave step to ditch the safety of a regular wage and sold her shares and started again from nothing in 2016. Avery Creative was born and Trudie was very clear about the type of work she wanted to do. She came alive when creating brands. She wanted to work with start-ups and small businesses and help them to discover who they are and how to connect with their clients through their branding. Trudie is so passionate about branding that she runs courses and masterclasses for businesses to emphasise just how important it is to get their branding right. She encourages people to be consistent with their colour palettes and fonts and the way they promote themselves so people can recognise their brand and what they stand for.

Find out more by visiting the Avery Creative Website.

Follow Avery Creative on LinkedIn here.

Visit the Avery Creative Facebook page here.


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