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Meet our Kick Start Delivery Partner and Customer Service Specialist- Lindsey Marriott

We want to celebrate and introduce you all to our expert Kick Start delivery partners. All of our partners have been selected for their in-depth experience and knowledge in their field of expertise and we are delighted to introduce you to Lindsey Marriott who is our customer service specialist. Lindsey has worked with us since we launched our Reset. Restart programme last year and is our go to expert for all things customer service and experience related.

Lindsey has a webinar session running on Perfecting Your Customer Experience on Wednesday 22nd June. You can book here.

You can find out more about Lindsey's background and her philosophy on customer service by watching our vlog or reading more below.

"I believe harnessing the power of customer and employee insight is THE most valuable business resource.

I’ve got a real passion for service leadership, and I love to co-create customer service and service recovery training programmes with my clients. I’ve worked across global multi-site, multi-cultural business sectors as part of my corporate career, and since 2016 I’ve been thoroughly enjoying working with smaller and medium sized businesses to help them fully appreciate and maximise the potential of their customer and employee feedback - as a key business driver.

With a strong background in retail, aviation and travel I’ve spearheaded the customer service learning programmes across global environments and managed the integration of several large businesses where the development and implementation of effective learning and training have been a priority to create one team from several different businesses that are joining together.

Now, I enjoy working with smaller businesses and particularly start-ups to make sure there is a balance of ‘process led’ and ‘customer led’ thinking in the business plan.

I truly believe that businesses have good people, services and products and it's usually slight directional changes rather than massive adjustments that unlock amazing employee engagement & customer experiences. I'm also sure that clients/customers & employees’ feedback is the key to this.

My approach involves spending time with the business to diagnose the blockers - and then co-creating a learning pathway that ensures an amazing customer experience at every touchpoint – and it’s completely unique for every client. It could be training, 1-1 coaching or support with customer communication - but the principle always remains the same – listening to your customer is crucial.

My insight tool means I can identify desires, needs and challenges quickly and signpost quick wins and longer term considerations - meaning my clients get innovative, creative learning, using my specific method.

I’m all about developing great service leaders, incredibly engaged teams, and amazing customer satisfaction – all of which = increased revenue!"


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