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Introducing the West Northamptonshire Grant Winners 

Meet the outstanding entrepreneurs from West Northamptonshire who have been awarded the Business & IP Centre Northamptonshire’s Build Your Business Small Business grants. Winners of the initiative participated in various BIPC Northamptonshire Build Your Business sessions, designed to help strengthen their businesses, enabling them to create comprehensive business plans.  

West Northamptonshire Grant Winners Photos

Vicky Skinner, Animal Focused 

Animal Focused offers qualification development and quality assurance services to pet businesses, animal welfare organisations, local authorities and awarding bodies as well as canine assisted therapy and dog welfare workshops in schools and care homes across Northamptonshire with the help of therapy dog, Hero. 


The canine assisted therapy supports neuro-diverse clients as well as clients with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, dementia and those struggling with anxiety, loneliness and depression and is delivered by qualified teacher and animal behaviourist, Vicky Skinner.  


Our mission is to facilitate the highest standards of education and training with animal welfare at the heart of everything we do, which is why we have recently launched our Dogs in Schools online course, to support schools in meeting their legal and ethical requirements when bringing dogs into schools.  



Alessandra Amico-Jones 


Alessandra is an EFT Tapping Practitioner and self-published children’s book author. She helps children aged 6-11 and their parents learn how to lower stress in their body and how to become in charge of their emotions. She does this by using a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping. 


Her dream is to empower parents to raise more emotionally resilient children, whilst looking after their own mental wellbeing. In Alessandra’s book, The Magic within You, she offers a simple yet powerful way for children and adults to learn and practice EFT Tapping together, creating trust, reinforcing their bond and making it ok to talk about emotions. 



Brenda Gilbert and Harry Evans, TwelveTwentyFive 


Harry Evans and Brendan Gilbert launched their own growth marketing agency, TwelveTwentyFive in July 2023. Harry and Brendan have over 27 years of digital marketing experience, having led teams in industry agencies over the past few years.  


The Northampton-based audience-first, data-driven growth marketing agency aims to take businesses across the globe beyond ranking number one in search. Set to work with established B2B and e-commerce brands, TwelveTwentyFive is intent on accelerating business growth by combining audience insight with proven, time-tested SEO principles.  


The company specialises in tailored content for organic performance that connects with a brand’s audience to achieve three key goals; boost brand category affiliation, generate valuable traffic, and drive relevant leads and sales.  


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Roddy Lloyd-Jones, LJPhotostop 


Roddy Lloyd-Jones is an experienced freelance photographer based in the picturesque landscapes of Northamptonshire. His lens captures a diverse range of moments through an array of photographic services, from crafting heartfelt Family, Child, and Newborn Portraits to embarking on exciting Commissioned Photography projects and breathing new life into cherished memories with Photo-Restoration services. 


His journey as a photographer is steeped in a deep-rooted passion for creativity and a knack for problem-solving, honed over 37 years as a dedicated art and photography teacher in local secondary schools. This extensive experience has allowed him to refine his craft, mastering the art of studio lighting, creative image capture, and post-production techniques. Furthermore, his unique perspective as a granddad adds an extra layer of depth and warmth to the stories he tells through his photographs. 


LJPhotostop aims to make photography accessible to everyone with a mobile photo studio, recreated from a converted emergency ambulance. 

In an era where creativity knows no bounds, LJPhotostop is breaking new ground by transforming a conventional emergency ambulance into a cutting-edge mobile photographic studio. This bold venture not only illustrates innovation but recycles vehicles for a new and creative response to helping the local community.


The ambience within the converted ambulance is creatively crafted to capture those special moments. Equipped with state-of-the-art lighting, backdrops, and photography gear, LJPhotostop ensures that every shot can be a masterpiece. This mobile studio is not just a vehicle; it’s a moving art space, bringing photography directly to its clients.



Milly Fyfe, No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents CIC 


Milly Fyfe is a Farmer, Food producer, Mum of Two and Social Entrepreneur. No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents CIC is a social enterprise that provides a connection between food produced in the UK and how to make tasty meals from scratch. 


Chris Bartley, Towcester Carpet Cleaning Company  


Towcester Carpet Cleaning Company is an exciting new service serving the Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire areas. Based in Towcester Grange, Chris and James have significant experience in delivering services that exceed customer expectations. We are passionate about delivering results for our clients, use professional grade treatments, and bought our state of the art hot water extractor machine thanks to our grant from the BIPC Northamptonshire! 



Francis Robertson-Marriott and Ralph Major, The Cool Classics 


The Cool Classics was formulated by Ralph and Francis in early 2022. The pair were enjoying a couple of pints at their local, the Bold Dragoon Pub in Northampton, discussing the cool classic cars future generations will desire most. 


As young petrolheads born in the 1990s, the two set about developing a digital auction platform dedicated to modern classic cars, or ‘young timers’ as they are often called. The pair recognised that the poster cars of the late 1980s and 1990s were becoming increasingly popular amongst collectors; so the aim was to inspire younger generations to invest in and enjoy an array of cool classics from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s before they become out of reach. 


The Cool Classics is not only the foremost digital auction platform for this generation of vehicles, but it’s also the only platform advocating for future generations. The Cool Classics aims to give younger people the confidence to buy now, explain later. 



Michelle Westgarth, Wootton Wellness Counselling Services 


Wootton Wellness Counselling Services offers integrative counselling in person, on the phone, and online.  Michelle has a gentle yet encouraging approach to therapy and can offer you an experienced listening ear to help you feel more grounded and in control of your life. Michelle works with various presenting issues, including anxiety and depression, those who wish to process past traumas, as well as supporting people in navigating current difficulties in their lives. Michelle also takes a special interest in supporting people living with long-term health conditions, disabilities, and those in unpaid caring roles. To support the cost of therapy, Wootton Wellness offers concessionary rates to people receiving disability benefits or Carers Allowance. 



David Sikharulidzr, Mavis Technologies Limited 


Mavis specialises in the development of innovative smart glasses tailored for individuals facing visual impairments. With a core mission dedicated to enriching the lives of the visually impaired, our company is at the forefront of creating advanced optical solutions to empower our users. 


We are driven by a profound commitment to crafting smart glasses equipped with new technology to offer enhanced functionality and independence for our visually impaired community. Our products are meticulously designed to deliver improved navigation and increased self-assurance in daily activities. 

With a bachelor's degree and two master's degrees in computing science, I have a deep understanding of complex technological concepts and a strong academic background. My commitment to continuous learning is evident through certifications in project management, cyber security, networking, and management, demonstrating my well-rounded skill set and dedication to professional development. A standout aspect of my profile is ownership of intellectual property in mathematics.



Adrian Watt, Brackley E-Waste Recycling  


Brackley E-Waste Recycling is an e-waste management company established in 2023 and located in Brackley. Founded by Adrian Watt, the company is dedicated to the responsible recycling of electronic waste. With a growing concern for environmental sustainability and data security, our services cater to both businesses and individual consumers, ensuring that electronic waste is processed in a manner that's both environmentally responsible and data secure. Our core services include the collection, refurbishment, and recycling of unwanted and end-of-life technology. Beyond recycling, we also grade items for refurbishment and repair, giving electronics a second life and promoting a circular economy. 



Leah Campbell, The Inclusive Strengths Co 


With her new business, The Inclusive Strengths Co, Leah helps ADHD and Autistic adults struggling with burnout, low energy and/or executive functioning challenges. She also works with companies on their journey towards Neuroinclusion and runs an inclusive and supportive community that helps people of all neurotypes to find, apply, develop and celebrate their strengths. 


Leah trained as an ADHD/Autism coach and Neuroinclusion trainer after discovering her own Neurodivergence at 38. Already an accredited Strengths Profile practitioner, she combined her love of strengths and passion for Neuroinclusion to establish The Inclusive Strengths Co. 


Leah has a professional background in the non-profit sector, most recently as the CEO of a small charity. She is an experienced coach, senior leader, trainer, researcher and facilitator. 



Callie Early, Professional Organiser & Declutterer at Ace Decluttering 


Decluttering and having an organised space frees up your time, money and mind for what truly matters in life: family, friends, work and having fun. Callie offers a friendly and practical approach to help clients create a personalised solution for their home or work space. No judgement, just understanding your wants and needs. Together, we'll find the perfect way to make your space work for you. 

Services offered include decluttering and organisation of: wardrobe & clothes, kitchens, living spaces, offices & work places (including paperwork & electronic files), lofts, cellars & outbuildings. 


Ace Decluttering can also help with lifestyle changes like moving house or office, repurposing a room (e.g. creating a nursery), divorce, bereavement or older children leaving home. 


Callie has a background in office administration, resulting in being organised and a pro at handling paperwork and digital files. At home, she is a Mum of two teenagers, which has given her the chance to gain hands-on experience of adapting her home to reflect the ever changing needs of growing children. 


I feel great satisfaction from creating organised spaces that fulfil my clients requirements and makes them feel ace about their space. 



Tessa Mcandrew, Remidy Clinic 


Tessa is the owner of Remidy Clinic. She is trained up to level 4 sports massage and also have a degree in developmental and educational psychology. Her business offers a range of treatments, relaxation massages hot stones and sports. Additionally, she offers a variety of facials and spray tans. Excited to expand and grow within the next year.



Stephen Hodgkinson, Affordable EV Charging Solutions 


Affordable EV Charging Solutions has been started by Stephen Hodgkinson.  Stephen is a single dad living in Northamptonshire and has a long history of running Field Service businesses for other people.  This is his first venture with his own company.  The business will offer installation, repairs and maintenance packages for electric vehicle charge points for both domestic and commercial customers.  Services are currently being offered across most of England and Stephen is hoping to scale up quickly to cover all of the U.K. 



Gareth Watson and Sarah Watson, Procare Clean 


Procare Clean launched on January 29th 2024, we're a dynamic cleaning company committed to excellence and well being. Our mission? To provide a valuable service in our local community with top notch, reliable, flexible, cost-effective cleaning services. What sets us apart? Our professional, Caring approach, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. We are growing from strength to strength and already have a large and growing customer base. The BIPC Northamptonshire recognised our hard work and dedication and awarded us a £2000 grant to fuel our growth. Procare Clean, here to make your world a better place. 



This project is part-funded using £300,000 from the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.  

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund is a central pillar of the UK government’s Levelling Up agenda and provides £2.6 billion of funding for local investment by March 2025. The Fund aims to improve pride in place and increase life chances across the UK investing in communities and place, supporting local business, and people and skills.



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