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Love Soapy interview with director Donna Lawrie

Love Soapy, Donna Lawrie

We caught up with Love Soapy director Donna Lawrie to find out more about how things have developed for the company since first using the Business & IP Centre Northamptonshire free services.

Tell us about Love Soapy and why it’s important to you? Donna Lawrie: Love Soapy gives children the opportunity to use fun child – friendly soap products. It’s really a lot of fun to be able to develop a brand that children can be imaginative with. That is what Love Soapy is all about. Children’s hygiene can be made both educational and encouraging.

What’s been your biggest challenges? Donna: Our biggest challenge so far was the point when the pandemic started last year and that could have had an impact on our brand in a way that all of the time spent on building love soapy could have given out a different message.

What’s been the best form of marketing/advertising for you? Donna: I would have to say that social media and recommendations have been a great way in terms of marketing. But email marketing does work great too. Being restricted to due to social distancing means that these have been the best options.

How do you detox from work? Donna: I have a little party in my house with my children, balloons, cakes and we just get silly, it’s great fun. The importance of detoxing from work is beneficial to your health both physically and mentally. To do this I make sure I walk for fresh air, exercise and to refresh my mind by meditation along with reading.

What advice would you give to others starting a business? Donna: If I could give any advice it would be to remember why you started your business, and to keep that vision in mind. Things can change, but remain focused because it is a long journey and will take lots of willpower and perseverance, and remember to have fun along the way too.

How has the BIPC Northamptonshire helped you? Donna: The BIPC Northamptonshire helped me take an idea and turn it into a business by offering a lot of support and guidance. They helped me with research I needed to undertake in order to see if the idea was something that was needed in the market place. Even though I knew that it was a fantastic idea, research was important. From then on I attended their workshops and met with advisors who have had a big impact on helping me start and build the business. I have to thank those at the BIPC Northamptonshire for all the support and guidance.

What are your future business goals? Donna: My business goals for the future are to expand globally into many hygiene and health products, that can have a huge impact on how children view cleanliness and health overall.

Describe your life as an entrepreneur in one word.

Donna: My one word would be (Enthusiastic).

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Love Soapy Dispenser Stand
Love Soapy Dispenser Stand


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