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Kirsch Home, Rebecca Kirsch

Meet small business grant winner, Rebecca Kirsch from Kirsch Home.

Kirsch Home is a biophilic homeware brand and consultancy with a mission to transform living spaces into more natural human habitats.

Creating spaces that are full of plant-life and natural elements brings enormous mental and physical benefits, energizing your home and office.

Kirsch Home makes it easy to integrate nature into every part of your life, offering inventive products designed to take the guesswork out of growing, cultivating and maintaining greener interiors.

Alongside our collection of plant-ware and décor we offer a bespoke bio-design service, visioning impressive plant schemes that will bring life and creativity into your office or home.

After a wave of enquiries and over 150 applications, the Business & IP Centre Northamptonshire team shortlisted 34 aspiring entrepreneurs, who were invited to give a presentation on their new start-up to a panel of judges in a Dragon’s Den style elevator pitch as part of the Reset. Restart Small Business Grants programme. Kirsch Home was one of our 19 winners.

Visit Kirsch Home:

To learn more about our small business grant winners, click here!

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