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Lead and Quote Follow Up

This is the second version of this blog which I have written. The first version was analogy based- that you don’t just walk up to someone in the street and ask them to marry you, and you, therefore, can’t walk up to someone and expect them to instantly want to buy from your business.

I had also highlighted points to try and encourage business owners to build long-term rapport with potential new customers and to not just dismiss those who, after first inspection didn’t seem an instant match.

Likewise, I had emphasised that going in all guns blazing to sell sell sell from minute one, would most likely lead to you being kept at arms reach away from your customers.

The need for patience and persistence cannot be understated. Nor can the need for tact.

It may be that the potential customer you are speaking with simply doesn’t require your services at that exact moment, or that they would like some time to ponder your offering before making a commitment.

Remember, not everyone says “yes” immediately, or at the first time of being asked.

Many businesses fail to capitalise on potential sales due to a lack of a follow-up strategy, and a lack of communication with their customers.

If a customer has taken the time to ask you for a quote, then this is a strong indication that they are interested in your services. It is important to find out about the factors which influenced their decision, and to proactively create an opportunity to adapt your offering for them should it be required (this is not always a discussion about price!).

Whilst no business owner should be afraid to communicate with their customer (especially if they haven’t heard anything at all from the customer) it is not something everyone feels comfortable doing, or that they feel they have the skillset for.

As with all in business, the follow-up part of your sales strategy needs to be structured and planned in advance to maximise its output. Preparation can help build confidence and ensure you are communicating as effectively as possible.

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